Tranquility 5 Panel Metal Wall Art Heat Treated

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This unique piece of metal art is proudly offered by Holt's Home Decor. This piece of artwork is crafted from 16 gauge steel and is powder coated for a long lasting, durable finish that will protect this piece for years. The piece has welded brackets to not only make hanging easy, but it also makes the piece float approximately 1” from the wall. Recommended spacing on this piece is 1” between each panel. Due to the amount of variations these pieces are made and ready to go. The piece you see on the listing is the piece you'll get.

    • 59” x 22” total size with 1” spacing between panels.
    • This piece is carefully grinded to get the desired look, heat treated to get the colors, and then is topped with a clear powder coat to protect the piece.
    •  Made completely in house, we make every piece of art that we sell from start to finish.
    • Quality is our goal in every piece we make!
    • At Holt's Home Decor we never charge extra for shipping anywhere in the United States.
    •  Contact us for a quote for international shipping.

Please note that while we thoroughly grind every piece we make sharp points and edges may still exist. Please handle with care.

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