Holt's Home Decor started out as a hobby to kill some time in a small Colorado town. We quickly came to realize that making Metal Art was not only a fun hobby, but it was something that we could see ourselves doing for a long time.

We started out in a 200 square foot shed, the space was limited, but so was our tool inventory at the time. I actually used my employers plasma cutter to cut my pieces and spray painted our pieces. We sold our pieces a few times a year at local craft shows and with every piece we sold we started to realize that this could be the start of something big for our little company.

We soon learned that as the demand grew and time became an issue we would have purchase our own plasma cutter. We built a larger and far more efficient shop, added our CNC Plasma Cutter, improved our finishing technique by building our own powder coating oven and powder coating station, and a much larger storage area. 

We decided to branch out from the craft shows and started our first online store on eBay. The sales proved to be great! We started creating new pieces as often as we could and soon we had over 100 listings and $10,000 in sales in our first year. This prompted us to open online stores on Etsy, Amazon, and eventually our own webstore. 

After a 22 year long career in HVAC, I decided to make this my full time employment in September 2021. It has been a bumpy road filled with uncertainty and excitement, but one I wouldn't trade for anything. I love what I do and the end result of each piece I makes shows that.


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